Qualifications for membership

As stated in Article III, Section 1 of the Bylaws: The Boston Economic Club is a professional organization. Membership of the Club shall be limited to persons living in, doing business, or practicing professions in New England, whose primary business or professional interest involves economic and financial analysis, study or management. Candidates typically have or had leadership positions, significant responsibility or significant achievement in the business, governmental, financial, educational, and legal communities.
The Executive Committee meets 3 times a year to accept candidates for membership: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Nominations, seconds, and resumes can be mailed or emailed to the BEC office at any time. Prospective members must have attended at least one luncheon prior to acceptance.

Once accepted, the new member and their sponsors will receive a confirmation letter and will be asked to pay dues. All classes of membership after January 1st will be prorated. 
Membership application
(Adobe PDF File)
(Adobe PDF File)