Nariman Behravesh, Ph.D.

Dr. Nariman Behravesh is Chief Economist of IHS where he oversees the work of more than 400 Professionals and directs the entire economic forecasting process.

He has responsibility for developing the economic outlook and risk analysis for the United States, Europe, Japan, China and emerging markets. He has been covering the global economy for nearly 40 years. Dr. Behravesh frequently is cited by leading business publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Financial Times, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, Business Week, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes and US News & World Report. He also appears regularly on national radio and television programs, including BBC World Business Report, NBC Nightly News, CNN Headline News, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer (PBS), Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Radio, All Things Considered and Marketplace on National Public Radio. Dr. Behravesh’s university degrees include a Bachelor of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Cambridge, Mass., U.S., as well as a master’s and a doctorate in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S. He is the author of Spin-Free Economics: A No-Nonsense, Nonpartisan Guide to Today's Global Economic Debates (McGraw-Hill).